Our goal at Cultured Summer is to design experiences that bring businesses closer to the communities they serve. We believe the strongest connections are built when companies tap into the heritage and human stories that shape the people and places around them.

Using creativity and craft, we develop visual solutions that create real connections between brands and audiences. Our work includes branding materials, social media campaigns, product packaging, events and stationery for special occasions.

Whether we’re designing an invitation suite or developing a pop-up experience, our approach always involves working closely with clients. We enjoy discovering the meaningful ideas at the heart of each client’s vision and translating those human truths through visual storytelling.

Outside of client work, we also pursue personal design projects that nourish our creative spirits – from woodworking to designing wedding stationery. Staying grounded in craft and cultural insight keeps our work fresh and thoughtful for clients.

We work with purposeful businesses who recognize, as we do, that experiences and visual storytelling can unite people in meaningful ways. Together, we create solutions that celebrate humanity through creativity, craft and cultural insight.