Welcome to my little corner on the internet, I am a Software Engineer and Content Creator building in public.

This blog is for the perfectionists who never started building their ideal life because they were scared of putting themselves out there and are afraid to screw up. I stopped focusing on perfecting the tools and medium, and now I am here, building my business and growing my content creation skills in public.

Just get out there and start creating. The world needs your voice.

What I mainly talk about

Content Creation and Business

I talk about the process of creating content, including planning, research, writing, editing, and publishing. And the behind the scenes of starting a business and trying to join them together with all aspects of my life.

Expat Life

I currently live in Berlin, Germany where the cost of living is reasonable, and the quality of life is high. I share guides and resources on navigating life here, it’s not my main focus but living here is a big part of my life.

Tech Lifestyle

There are plenty of resources out there sharing learning how to code. I left a few resources on my experience and journey to working in Tech.

Latest blog posts

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    Save money in Germany with apps and websites

    Do you prioritize experiences, travel and dining out? It can be a difficult balance of trying to live your best life while being financially responsible. This article will not be a vague article telling you to create a budget or eat less avocado toast. I will share all the tools I use to save money … Read More

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    Learning how to code for free in Berlin

    I previously wrote this article on dev.to. I will keep it updated here if I find any new options to learn how to code. I also plan on writing a post on getting a Bildungsgutschein if you want to change careers to enter tech.  Where can you learn how to code for free in Berlin? … Read More

  • Free Ways to Learn How to Code in South Africa

    How can you learn how to code for free in South Africa? It can be a battle trying to get into the tech industry in South Africa as a non-traditional candidate (no Computer Science/IT related degree). Many people cannot afford bootcamp fees so I tried to compile a list of training initiatives that aim to … Read More